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Prediction of Effective Lens Position by Reference to the Preoperative Axial Length
Gee-Hyun Kim, Woong-Joo Whang, Hyun-Seung Kim
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2021;62(3):308-314.   Published online March 15, 2021
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Long-term Effect of Orthokeratology Lenses on Axial Length Elongation in Myopia: 2-3 Years Follow-up Study
Sung Yeon Jun, Hyun Kyung Kim, Chul Woo Kim, Sang-Mok Lee
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2020;61(8):897-904.   Published online August 15, 2020
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Corneal Deflection Amplitude in Normal Korean Eyes
Heejeong Chun, Jung Il Moon, Younhea Jung
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2020;61(5):538-544.   Published online May 15, 2020
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The Effect of Intraocular Pressure-lowering Eye Drops on Myopic Retinoschisis Patients
Jung Hwa Lee, Kyu Hwan Jang, Suchan Lee, Mingui Kong, Joon Hong Sohn
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2020;61(4):341-346.   Published online April 15, 2020
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Long-term Longitudinal Changes in Choroidal Thickness with Intraocular Pressure Reduction after Glaucoma Surgery.
Inhye Kim, Won Mo Gu, Areum Jeong, Soon Cheol Cha
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2020;61(1):69-77.   Published online January 15, 2020
Anterior Chamber and Lens Position before and after Phacoemulsification According to Axial Length.
Suk Hoon Jung, Seonjoo Kim, So Hyang Chung
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2020;61(1):17-26.   Published online January 15, 2020
Refractory Outcomes after Cataract Surgery in Acute Primary Angle-closure Glaucoma Patients Treated with Laser Iridotomy.
Hye Seong Hwang, Dong Yoon Kim, Hyun Tae Kim, Ju Byung Chae, Sungmin Hyung
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2019;60(5):447-454.   Published online May 15, 2019
Semi-automatic Measurement of Ocular Volume from Facial Computed Tomography and Correlation with Axial Length.
Junkyu Chung, In Ki Park, Samjin Choi, Jae Ho Shin
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2019;60(3):210-216.   Published online March 15, 2019
Influence of Axial Length on Recurrence of Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration after Initial Treatment.
Soo Yeon Cho, Youn Gon Lee, Sang Yun Han et al.
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2019;60(1):47-54.   Published online January 15, 2019
Comparison of Axial Length and Postoperative Refraction between Applanation Ultrasonography and Low-coherence Reflectometry.
Yoon Pyo Lee, Young Joo Shin, Kayoung Yi
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2018;59(7):629-636.   Published online July 15, 2018
Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Measured by Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography in Healthy Koreans.
Youna Choi, Byung Joo Cho
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2018;59(6):537-542.   Published online June 15, 2018
Correlations among Refractive Error, Axial Length, and Corneal Power in Childhood.
Youn Gon Lee, Seung Hee Baek, Hyun Taek Lim, Dae Hee Kim
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2018;59(5):471-477.   Published online May 15, 2018
Long-term Changes in the Spherical Equivalent and Axial Length in Bilateral High-hyperopia Children.
Sue Hey Chae, Sun A Kim
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2018;59(4):369-375.   Published online April 15, 2018
Change in Axial Length in Highly Myopic Adults Using Partial Coherence Interferometry.
Jae Jung Lee, In Ho Lee, Min Won Ahn et al.
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2018;59(3):246-251.   Published online March 15, 2018
Changes in Ocular Biometrics Measured after Implantation of a Phakic Intraocular Lens.
Jung Hoo Lee, Gyu Won Ryu, Byung Gun Park
J Korean Ophthalmol Soc. 2018;59(3):223-229.   Published online March 15, 2018

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