Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1993;34(8):764-770.
Published online August 1, 1992.
5-Fluorouracil and Scleral Flap Splitting After Trabeculectomy.
Byung Heon Ahn, Kang Ho Yoon, Byung Ro Seo
Department of Ophthalmology, Gollege of Medicine, Chungnam National University, Taejeon, Korea.
섬유주절제술 후 공막편 재박리술과 5-FU 의 효과
안병헌(Byung Heon Ahn),윤강호(Kang Ho Yoon),서병로(Byung Ro Seo)
We introduced a method of splitting the lamellar scleral flap(LSF) after trabeculectomy with 5-fluorouracil(5-FU) to evaluate the postoperative wound strength which may reveal directly th6 antiproliferative effect of 5-FU. An 8-0 nylon sture was placed under the LSF at the time of trabeculectomy and both ends of the suture were drawn out from the conjunctiva. The wound strength was evaluated by pulling out the spitting suture at the end of second week after operation. Seventeen eyes of 16 patients underwent a primary trabeculectomy and placement of a splitting suture. 5-FU was injected subconjunctivally, 5 mg every other day in the eyes during postoperative two weeks. Five(50%) of ten eyes of 5-FU group resulted in LSF splitting(p=0.0407, Fisher's exact test). This result may signify that the LSF splitting suture technique will be a helpful means to investigate the effect of post-trabeculectomy wound healing modulators in the early period postoperatively.
Key Words: 5-fluorouraciL Scleral flap;Splitting suture;Trabeculectorny;Wound healing

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