Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1998;39(12):2995-3002.
Published online December 1, 1998.
Comparision of Clinical Findings between Phakic Retinal and Pseudophakic Retinal Detachment.
Young Mo Koo, Mi Song Lee, Ill Han Yoon
Department of Ophthalmology, Ulsan University Hospital.
수정체 망막박리와 인공수정체 망막박리의 비교분석
구영모(Young Mo Koo),이미송(Mi Song Lee),윤일한(Ill Han Yoon)
We reviewed our medical records of primary retnal detachment(239 patients, 243 eyes) to compare the clincal findings of phakic retinal detachment(206 eyes) and pseudophakic retinal detachment(37 eyes). Pseudophakic retinal detachment was more common in male(73.0%) than in female(27.0%) and occurred more frequently in aged 60 years or more than phakic retinal detachment(10.4%)(P<0.001). Associated ocular finding such as high myopia(35.0%), peripheral retinal degeneration(23.3%0, retinal tear in fellow eye(5.8%) were more commonly seen in phakic retinal retinal detachment. Rupture of posterior capsule(40.5%), high myopia(18.9%), small pupil(13.5%) were associate with pseudophakic retinal detachment. In pseudophakic retinal detachment, more than 3 quadrant retinal detachment(73.0%) and macular involvement(78.4%) were more common than in phakic retinal detachment(P<0.01), but atropic hole(29.7%), or 2 or more retinal break(10.8%) were less common than in phakic retinal detachment(P<0.01) where the success rate of first operation(59.5%) and the overall success rate(81.1%) were lower in paeudophakic retinal detachment than phakic retinal detachment. The degree of visual recovery was nearly equal between two.
Key Words: Phakic retinal detachment;Pseudophakic retinal detachment

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