Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1993;34(6):540-544.
Published online June 1, 1993.
Sudden Wipeout Phenomenon Following Fitering Surgery in Patients with Advanced Glaucoma.
Jae Bum Lee, Young Joo Choe, Young Jae Hong
Department of Ophthalmology, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
말기 녹내장 환자에서 여과술 후에 시력과 시야 상실이 있는가
이재범(Jae Bum Lee),최영주(Young Joo Choe),홍영재(Young Jae Hong)
It was previously reported that sudden loss of central vision and small residual fields in advanced glaucomatous eyes after filtering surgery. This study was undertaken to assess the risk of sudden wipe-out phenomenon on 57 eyes of advanced glaucomatous patients who could be followed up at least 8 weeks after filterlng surgery. The eyes were classified into three categones according to the seventy of visual field loss, evaluated with Humphrey computerized visual field analyzer and Goldmann perimetry using target with I-4-e. Sudden wipe-out phenomenon was divided into absolute and relative. The former was sudden complete loss of central vision immediately after filtering surgery. The latter was visual acuity decreasing 2 or more lines in Snellen visual acuity chart compared with before surgery or obvious progress1on of visual field defect at the t1me of 8 to 1O weeks after surgery However there were no absolute and relative sudden wipe-out phenomenon in our study. In the light of our experiences, it is concluded that filtering surgery can be performed with caution in advanced glaucomatous eye whenever it is indicated.
Key Words: Advanced glaucoma;Filtering surgery;Sudden wipe-out phenomenon

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