Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1991;32(3):295-299.
Published online March 1, 1991.
A Study on the Diurnal Variation of Intraocular Pressure.
Gong Je Seong, Chan Young Kim, Chang Youn Lee, Young Jae Hong
Department of Oohthalmology, Yonsei University College of aMedicine, Seoul, Korea.
안압의 일차변동에 관한 연구
홍영재(Young Jae Hong),김찬영(Chan Young Kim),성공제(Gong Je Seong),이창연(Chang Youn Lee)
The diurnal variation of intraocular pressure(IOP) was measured by a Goldmann applanation tonometer in 60 eyes of 30 nromal Korean volunteers, in order to find out the amount of diurnal variation of IOP and the time interval at which the hightst and the lowest IOP were checked. We also checked the diurnal variation of IOP once a week for three weeks to study whether it changes. 1) The mean diurnal variation of IOP was 3.82 +/- 1.83 mmHg, and the diurnal variations of three weeks were 3.87 +/- 1.79 mmHg, 3.78 +/- 1.90 mmHg and 3.78 +/- 1.80 mmHg, respectively. The mean coefficient of variation of diurnal variation was 0.10. 2) In the distribution of high and low points on the diurnal intraocular pressure curve in 60 normal eyes(% of total number of observation), at the optimum IOP 8:00 was the highest(43.9%) and 20:00 was lowest(5.0%); at the lowest IOP 20:00 was the hightest(21.2%) and 8:00 was the lowest(6.7%). There was no time change at which the highest pressure was checked in 55 eyes and at which the lowest pressure was checked in 56 eyes among the 60 eyes.
Key Words: Coefficient of Variation;Diurnal variation of intraocular pressure(IOP);Goldmann applanation tonometer

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