Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 2004;45(7):1106-1114.
Published online July 1, 2004.
Long-term Follow-up Results of Glaucoma Triple Procedures in Patients with Angle-closure Glaucoma.
Dae Won Lim, Hwan Joon Choi, Kun Jin Yang
1Department of Ophthalmology Chonnam University Medical School and Hospital Gwangju, Korea.
2Best Eye Clinic Gwangju, Korea.
폐쇄각녹내장 환자에서 녹내장 삼중수술의 장기적 효과
임대원 ( Dae Won Lim ) , 최환준 ( Hwan Joon Choi ) , 양건진 ( Kun Jin Yang )
To evaluate the long-term clinical efficacy for glaucoma triple procedures of angle-closure glaucoma. METHODS: The author reviewed retrospectively 30 eyes (Group A) which had undergone triple procedures for coexisting angle-closure glaucoma and cataract. The results were compared with those of 30 eyes (Group B) which had undergone trabeculectomy for angle-closure glaucoma and 25 eyes (Group C) which had undergone glaucoma triple procedures for open-angle glaucoma. All patients were followed up for more than 3 years after operation at the Department of Ophthalmology in a hospital from November 1990 to December 1999. RESULTS: The mean intraocular pressures at the last follow-up were 16.1mmHg, 20.9mmHg and 19.7mmHg and the surgical success rates were 83.3%, 63.3% and 68.0% in the triple procedure group of angle-closure glaucoma, trabeculectomy-alone group and triple procedure group of open-angle glaucoma respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Triple procedures in angle-closure glaucoma showed good long-term results in IOP control compared with the trabeculectomy-alone group in angle-closure glaucoma.
Key Words: Angle-closure glaucoma;Cataract;Glaucoma triple procedures;Open-angle glaucoma;Trabeculectomy

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