Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 2002;43(1):230-234.
Published online January 1, 2002.
Strabismus with Ocualr Motility Disturbance after Molteno Implant.
Won Woo Kim, Hee Wan Yang, Ho Chun Lee
Department of Ophthalmology, Kim'sEye Hospital, Seoul, Korea.
Molteno 녹내장장치 삽입술 후 발생한 사시와 안구운동장애
김원우 ( Won Woo Kim ) , 양희완 ( Hee Wan Yang ) , 이호천 ( Ho Chun Lee )
We experienced a case of ocular motility disturbance with esotropia and hypotropia, following implantation of Molteno to the superotemporal quadrant. METHODS: The patient recovered to orthophoria after removal of implant and fibrotic scar tissue with recession and resection. RESULTS: Multiple complications have been reported in association with Molteno implantation, including hypotony, cataract, choroidal hemorrhage, retinal detachment, endophthalmitis, hyphema, phthisis. However ocular motility disturbances have been documented in only a few cases and never in Korea to our knowledge. Therefore, we report this case with the review of related literatures.
Key Words: Complication;Molteno implant;Ocular motility

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