Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 2002;43(4):745-750.
Published online April 1, 2002.
Transdifferentiation of lens epithelial cells induced by oxidative stress.
Young Keun Han, Kyung Yeon Chae, Won Ryang Wee, Choun Ki Joo, Jin Hak Lee
1Department of Ophthalmology, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea.
2Seoul Artificial Eye Center, Seoul National University Hospital Clinical Research Institute, Korea.
3Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, Korea University, Korea.
4Department of Ophthalmology, Kangnam St. Mary's Hospital, College of Medicine, Catholic University, Korea.
산화 스트레스에 의한 수정체 상피세포의 변이
한영근 ( Young Keun Han ) , 채경연 ( Kyung Yeon Chae ) , 위원량 ( Won Ryang Wee ) , 주천기 ( Choun Ki Joo ) , 이진학 ( Jin Hak Lee )
To analyze the transdifferentiation of cultured human lens epithelial cells(LECs) by oxidative stress using fibronectin and to evaluate the efficacy of the antioxidant for suppression of this process. METHODS: Human B-3 LECs, a line of immortalized human LECs, were exposed to different concentrations of H2O2 and the maximum concentration of H2O2 without significant toxicity to cells was determined by MTT assay. LECs exposed to H2O2 at the concentration determined by the previous procedure were analyzed by RT-PCR for the expression of mRNAs encoding fibronectin(FN) and by western blot analysis for the proteins encoded by these mRNAs. We examined the inhibiting effects of N-acetyl-L-cysteine(NAC) as an antioxidant on the transdifferentiation. RESULTS: Transdifferentiation of human B-3 LECs occurred at the maximum concentration of 100microM of H2O2 without significant cell toxicity. Although there was no significant change in the expression of mRNAs for FN, the protein expression of FN was increased after exposure to H2O2. NAC showed inhibiting effect on the transdifferentiation. CONCLUSIONS: Transdifferentiation of cultured human LECs is induced by oxidative stress and the expression of FN may be regulated at post-transcriptional level in transdifferentiated LECs. NCA is effective in inhibiting the oxidative stress.
Key Words: Fibronectin;Human lens epithelial cells;N-acetyl-L-cysteine;Oxidative stress

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