Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 2000;41(3):543-549.
Published online March 1, 2000.
The Study of Toxicity of Mitomycin C and Steroid as Eyedrops in Rabbit Cornea.
Hyeon Il Lee, Kayoung Yi, Nam Ju Moon
Department of Ophthalmology, National Medical Center.
Mitomycin C 및 스테로이드 점안약의 가토 각막조직에 대한 독성연구
이헌일(Hyeon Il Lee),이가영(Ka Young Yi),문남주(Nam Ju Moon)
To investigate the drug effect of topical Mitomycin C in various concentrations combined with steroid, we used 30 rabbits whose corneal epitheliums were abraded intentionally. They were divided into 5 groups. Using MMC in various concentrations and steroids, we instilled them into right eyes and saline into left eyes as control. We measured the healing rate at a interval of 12 hours. Three months later, we sacrificed one of them and examined the pathological changes from various ocular tissues. We found many complications such as corneal edema, ulcer, opacity and definite delay of wound healing when the concentration higher than 0.04%MMC was used. There were also decreased fibroblast cells in H-E staining. The steroids seemed not to pose any influence on the effect of MMC. In conclusion, we must take the great care in the use of MMC, and the concentration should be low when used. In addition, we still think there ought to be more studies as to the effect of steroids according to MMC levels.
Key Words: Corneal epithelium;Mitomycin C;Rabbit;Steroids

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