Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1974;15(2):107-113.
Published online February 1, 1974.
Experimental Study of Cyclocryosurgery.
Young Tae Chung
Department of Ophthalmology, Chonnam University Medical School, Kwangju, Korea.
모양체 (毛樣體) 냉동수술법에 관한 실험적 연구
정영태 ( Young Tae Chung )
The cyclocryosurgery was done to ten adult albino rabbits in each group respectively. The cryoinstrument(Amoils)was used with carbon dioxide gas, and when applied, it indicated a tip temperature of -60 degrees C. the various cryoprobes were applied at room temperature with its nearest edge 3mm from the limbus, for thirty seconds or one minute, at two or eight equidistant positions. The changes of intraocular pressure ensued thereof was observed and histopathological study of the ciliary bodies was done. The results were as follows: 1. When the cyclocryosurgery was done with 5mm2 cryoprobe for thirty seconds and one minute at eight equidistant positions, the intraocular pressure was reduced 8.7%(2.0mmHg) and 3.4% (0.6mmHg) respectively. Histologically the ciliary process revealed a mild fibros is. 2. When the 16mm2 cryoprobe was applied for one minute at eight places, the intraocular pressure was decreased 30.9%(6.7mm Hg). Histopathologically the ciliary process showed a moderate cystic and hydropic degeneration. 3. When the 50mm2 cryoprobe was applied for one minute at eight positions, the intraocular pressure was reduced 5.3% (0.9mm Hg). Histopathologically moderate fibrosis occurred in the ciliary process. 4. Proportional interrelationship could be proved between the change of intraocular pressure and severity of histopathological findings of the ciliary process.

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