Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1974;15(2):124-131.
Published online February 1, 1974.
Histopathologic Studies on the Effects of Various Foreign Implants on Cyclodialysis Operation in Rabbits.
Joon Kiu Choe
Department of Ophthalmology, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.
이물질을 사용한 모양체해리술후의 병리조직학적 연구
최준규 ( Joon Kyu Choi )
Various foreign implants(silicone, gel film, Mersilene and chromic cat gut) were used for cyclodialysis operation on rabbit eyes. We observed the changes of intraocular pressures, inflammatory state and course of complicated hyphema in these eyes for six weeks. Each eye was removed four to six weeks after the operation for histopathologic studies. On slit lamp biomicroscopy, hyphema was subsided within seven to ten days. Intraocular pressures were so inconsistent that we could not get any contributory informations from them. Histopathologic findings revealed much differences according to the foreign implants applied; Inflammatory reaction was severe in chromic cat gut inserted group, moderate in Mersilene and gel mm inserted group, and mild in silicone inserted group. Foreign body reaction was most marked in Mersilene inserted group and less marked in chromic cat gut, gel film and silicone inserted group. Silicone was not absorbable, and chromic cat gut and Mersilene were hardly absorbable in contrast to easy absorption of gel film. Suprachoroidal space was remained open in silicone inserted group during the period of observation. The space was equivocal in gel film and Mersilene inserted group and completely closed in chromic cat gut inserted group. According to the above histopathologic findings, silicone was the best one as an implant for cyclodialysis operation in rabbit eyes.

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