Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1993;34(8):793-799.
Published online August 1, 1992.
Surgical Results in Constant Exotropia According to Fixation Patterns.
Sang Jin Kim, Keon Uk Park
Department of Ophthamology, College of Medicine, Keimyung University, Taegu, korea.
항시성 외사시에서 주시형태에 따른 수술성적
김상진(Sang Jin Kim),박건욱(Keon Uk Park)
Surgical results of 59 patients with constant exodeviation having at least 2 months of follow-up were reviewed. Fifty nine cases of constant exodeviation were classified by fixation patterns into alternating exotropia 38 cases and monocular exotropia 21 cases. The final surgical results and success rates were compared between the 2 groups and were analyzed according to the length of postoperative follow-up period. The surgical results were as follows: in alternating exotropia, 63.2% was satisfactory, 28.9% undercorrected and 7.9% overcorrected, in monocular exotropia, 85.7% was satisfactory, 9.5% undercorrected and 4.8% overcorrected. The mean follow-up period was 5.3 months in alternating exotropia and 5.9 months in monocular exotropia. Final surgical results were not affected by the length of postoperative follow-up period in alternating exotropia. However, in monocular exotropia, there was a strong tendency to become exotropic with a long term follow-up period(2-17 months). We suggest that the fixation patterns could have an influence on postoperative stability in exodeviation.
Key Words: Alternating Exotropia;Constant Exotropia;Fixation Patterns;Monocular Exotropia;Stability

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