Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1990;31(5):597-601.
Published online May 1, 1990.
Transpupillary Argon Laaer Cyclophotocoagulation.
Young Jae Hong, Young Cheol Jeon, Gyu Hyun Jin
Department of Ophthalmology, Yonsei University, College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
동공을 통한 아르곤 레이저 모양체 광응고술
홍영재(Young Jae Hong),전영철(Young Cheol Jeon),진규현(Gyu Hyun Jin)
Transpupillary argon laser cyclophotocoagulation has been proposed as an alternative to conventional glaucoma surgery. The procedure involves phoptocoagulation of cilliary process to decrease intraocular pressure by reducing aqueous production. We report our experience with 3 advanced glaucoma patients, who received transpuillary cyclophotocoagulation. Their ciliary process was well visualized by gonioscopy. All visible process were treated up to a maximum of 1800 at one setting and treated again a few weeks later, so total transpupiJIary argon laser cyclophotocoagulation were performed 3 or 4 times. After surgery, each patient was maintained on preoperative glaucoma medication. As a result of this study, one of these patients was sucessfully controled and other one of them had effect of 20mmHg Intraocular pressure reduction.
Key Words: argon laser;cyclodestractive surgery;intraocular pressure;glaucoma;transpupillary cyclopotocoagulation

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