Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1991;32(3):223-226.
Published online March 1, 1991.
Correction of Involutional Entropion by the Bowlegs Procedure.
Jung Ho Kim, Jung Eon Yang, Joo Hwa Lee
Department of Ophthalmology, College of Medicine Inie University, Seoul, Korea.
Bowlegs 방법에 의한 퇴행성 안검내반증의 교정
김정호(Jung Ho Kim),양정언(Jung Eon Yang),이주화(Joo Hwa Lee)
Generally accepted mechanisms of involutional entropion are as follows: 1. dysfunction of the inferior eyelid retractors, 2. migration of the preseptal orbicularis fibers upward, 3. reduced support of the lower lid against glove due to enophthalmos, 4. reduced horizontal support because of involutional changes in the lateral and medical canthal tendons. Sanford D. Hecht reported that the above four problems could be corrected simply and successfully by a full thickness excision of Bowlegs shape(Pentagon-shape). Five eyelids of involutional entropion were treated by the Boelegs procedure. The results were successful.
Key Words: involutional entropion;Bowlegs;Pentagon

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